Monday, April 28, 2008

Women's Club, ASL Expo and a Baby Shower

It was one of those weekends with nary a break! On Saturday morning, I headed out to Egg Harbor Cafe to join the gals from my Deaf Women's club for breakfast. Egg Harbor has to be my number one favorite restaurant for breakfast. Their breakfasts are so delicious and their fresh-squeezed orange juice tastes as if they picked the oranges that morning. I'm not much of a breakfast person, either! Do any of you have other favorite places that you dine at for breakfast?

I went over to the ASL Expo to meet another friend there. It was the first time I've attended the ASL Expo which features lots of products centered around American Sign Language. I picked up some ASL t-shirts for the kids and then headed home to watch my youngest son's baseball game. It was so cold at the game, that I felt like I was experiencing a Chicago Bears game while huddled under a heavy blanket.

On Sunday, we had a couple of people over for Stephanie and Walter Lipe's baby shower. You may remember Stephanie when she won the Miss Deaf America title in 1992-1994. Stephanie is pretty as ever and sporting a cute little belly. We all took turns guessing her belly measurements with pieces of pink yarn. Walter was pretty confident that he could figure out the length of yarn but he was off by a few inches. Marianne Jodie and Lenny Kepil had the closest measurements, with Lenny winning the prize.

The hubby jokingly asked me if I'd like to have another kiddo...

I'm not too sure he was really joking though!


groovyoldlady said...

Aw, c'mon Karen. Babies are FUN while you have teens at home. Scout was 13 and Funsocksgirl was 16 when Girly-Girl was born. Of course nursing discreetly with several 13-14 year-old boys stampeding through the house can be a challenge, but you can handle it.

Angela said...

So.. do you think you will take the plunge and have another baby? :)

Karen said...

Not unless it was an "ooops!" LOL