Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sparkplugging--An Emoms At Home Transformation

I've been hanging out at Wendy Piersall's new place--SparkPlugging, and I'm liking the digs very much. Wendy took her personal blog and grew it into a network with 17 other bloggers writing for her. And she has plans to expand her site even more!

Wendy started her blog as "Emoms At Home," and it began to outgrow the name as the audience expanded to fathers and people without children. Wendy began to realize that she needed to re-name and re-brand to showcase the direction that her business was growing in.

Darren Rowse over at Problogger had the honor of unveiling the new name in his interview, Renaming Emoms At Home to Sparkplugging. As I told Wendy, when I first saw the name, my mind immediately flashed to a picture of an autobody shop. But the more I visit the site, the more the name has grown on me. I think Wendy is on to something that's going to re-frame people's minds. There will be a point where people are at a conference and asking, "Do you SparkPlug?" or "Are you SparkPlugging?" and people will know instantly what they're talking about--the work-at-home generation.

For more information and an inside look at Wendy Piersall, Stephen Hopson from Adversity University featured Wendy in his interview series recently:

Adversity University Interviews Wendy Piersall, Part I

Adversity University Interviews Wendy Piersall, Part II


Marti said...

I think that is a great name and great site! Getting interviewed by ProBlogger is HUGE! Congratulations to all involved and best wishes!

Hope this finds you well - Happy springtime to you!

Wendy Piersall said...

I'd say that I have to give you a big hug in person for this post... but you'd get to get a big hug anyway. ;) THANK YOU!!

Jim said...

Looks interesting. I will look into it deeper later.

Stephen Hopson said...

And that makes two of us Wendy. Both Karen and I will be seeing you at SOBCON08 and I'll speak for myself when I say this: I wanna hug.

But I'm sure Karen would want one too but I can't speak for her. LOL

See you guys soon! Karen, thanks for the mention of my interview with Wendy. It was very successful and everyone seemed to like it.