Thursday, April 24, 2008

Michigan Loses a Friendly Face-- Marlene Phillips

I met Marlene for the first time last summer. She and her husband Dale stopped by my parent's house on Christie Lake to spend the day with us. My sister Linda met Marlene and Dale through the local Deaf Clubs in Michigan and they quickly bonded. Together, they worked the Dingo games and cooked large amounts of food for the gatherings. Linda began spending time with Marlene and Dale and enjoying their friendship and company.

As we took a slow pontoon ride around the lake and chatted with Marlene and Dale that day, I said to myself-- this is a couple I wouldn't mind getting to know better.

Someday, you know?

Someday, when there's more time to sit down and connect.

Marlene and Dale found each other later in life and were married in 2005. It was easy to see that they were happy with one another and they were a couple that enjoyed life. They went on the Deaf Freedom Cruise last year. Before we left, Linda reminded me to find Marlene and Dale on the cruise and we planned to connect with them. Joe ran into them once during the week and we talked about getting together.

With 3,800 people on the ship, we didn't connect with them again.

After a sudden, brief battle with cancer, Marlene passed away yesterday morning.

I guess the moral of this post is something to take with you today--those "somedays" that we promise ourselves may not happen. Each day, each connection, is a gift.

I know that my sister is really grateful for the connection she had with Marlene, for she enjoyed Marlene's humor and friendship.

Marlene will be missed.


Roger said...

Yes I am going to miss her! Thank You, Marlene!

dancer said...

Hello from Florida. I know how you must feel. We get so busy with our lives, and often think we will just make time to do something later on, when things are not so hectic. Unfortunately,things don't always work out that way. I'm sorry that you didn't get to know her better, she sounds like a wonderful person.

Jim said...

We all get busy with our lives and one day, the ones you care for grows old and die. Its tough out here in this world.

Marlene have impacted many people in her life including yours. I know the feelings because I have had similar people who passed way as well.

Thanks for sharing this.


SpeakUp Librarian said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely tribute. My brother-in-law died from cancer last year and that made me realize how short life is. One of my personal resolutions for this year is to spend as much time as I can with the people I love and seek out more positive, caring people to get to know. There are beautiful people in this world and life is too short to waste with the complainers and those with a negative outlook. Thank you for inspiring all of us today with your post about Marlene.