Thursday, May 01, 2008

SOBCon '08-- I'm Off to Learn More!

I'm having a bad hair day today. I'm praying that the rain gods will take their dance somewhere else tomorrow. Raindrops and my hair don't mix well.

Why all this concern? Well, I'm heading downtown to the SOBCon '08 and the forecast calls for rain.

And possible thunderstorms.

Ah, but who really cares? We'll be inside a boat, cruising the Chicago shoreline and connecting with one another. Look at all the cool bloggers who will be there:

SOBcon2008 Chicago Attendees:
Cliff Atkinson
Shashi Bellamkonda
Chris Brogan
Harry Brooks
Anita Bruzzese
Dave Bullock
Mark Carter
Brian Clark
Tom Clifford
Valerie Combs
Chris Cree
Lisa Cree
Thomas Croghan
Donna Cutting
David "Chicago Mobile Marketing" Dalka
Kevin Dixie
Tim Draayer
Andrew Dubber
Monica Duncan
Easton Ellsworth
Kevin Ferrasci O'Malley
Jonathan Fields
Sarah Filipiak
Mary-Lynn Foster
Annie Galvin Teich
Brian Gardner
Chris Garrett
Jon Gatrell
Phil Gerbyshak
Jared Goralnick
Karen Hanrahan
Joseph Hauckes
Vicky Hennegan
Scot Herrick
John Hong
Stephen Hopson
Robert Hruzek
Timothy Johnson
Pete Jones
Todd Jordan
Bob "Internet Advertising" Kakoliris
Christine Kane
Adam Kayce
Kristen King
Jen Knoedl
Stephen Koernig
Bryan Kress
George Krueger
Amy L
Tammy Lenski
James G. Lindberg
Eli Litscher
Rick Mahn
Sim Margolis
Michael Martine
Becky McCray
Maria Meadows
Cory Miller
Ann Michael
Dawud Miracle
Debra Moorhead
Matthew Murphy
Paul O'Flaherty
Tim Padar
Jesse Petersen
Melissa Pierce
Wendy Piersall
Sandra Ponce de Leon
J. Erik Potter
Karen Putz
Susan R Quandt
Levy Rivers
Barbara Rozgonyi
Jeff Sable
Sheila Scarborough
Mary Schmidt
Derek Semmler
Maria Sharon
David Sherbow
Steve Sherlock
Brad Shorr
Louise Silberman
Sonia Simone-Rossney
Julien Smith
Stephen Smith
Michael Snell
Derrick Sorles
Terry Starbucker
Liz Strauss
Jon Swanson
Ruth M Sylte
Windsor Tanner
Michelle Vandepas
Lorelle VanFossen
Colleen Wainwright
Denise Wakeman
James D. Walton
Randy Windsor
Joanna Young

So let it rain. We'll have fun anyway!


Steve Sherlock said...

If it rains, it will be good for dancing a la Gene Kelly! Have a good trip. I'll see you there.

Easton Ellsworth said...

It's the rainy days that help us appreciate the sunny ones all the more. See ya later today, Karen!

Donna Cutting said...

Hey there Karen!

I'm so glad to have met you...and your hair looked lovely. :-)


Joe said...

Hey Karen,
Great to see you once again. Had a great time with you (and an un-named guy you were with, *wink, wink*).
I still don't have any idea how you can twitter and "listen" at the same time, that's way way beyond me. :-)
We have to keep in touch, you are just too cool.

Karen said...

Shhh, Joe, when I'm twittering, there's no way I'm listening. :) Addictions win out, ya know?