Friday, May 02, 2008

Rachel Coleman of Signing Time Nominated for Emmy

"It's singing time and laughing time and playing time and now it is my favorite time, signing time!"

The first time I saw a tape of Signing Time, I couldn't get the lyrics out of my mind. I suspect that's one of the reasons that Signing Time has become successful in the mainstream. Little toddlers everywhere are listening to the songs, watching the videos and moving their hands to communicate.

Rachel Coleman, the mom behind Sign Language for Baby!,was recently nomimated for an Emmy. It's been an amazing trip for her, especially since the intitial production was a family affair with her sister and husband helping to create the videos.

I did an interview with Rachel several years ago when the Signing Time series of videos was beginning to take off:

Meet the Colemans: The Story Behind Signing Time

Congrats to Rachel-- all of her hard work has paid off!

Clean Up with Signing Time DVDs


Laura said...

How cool is that? You knew her "when!"

Genevieve Hinson said...

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MichelleVan said...

I love Signing Time and I wrote an article about my little baby communicating with me at a year old! Check out the link.
(p.s. loving the SOBCon08)

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

THAT!!!! is freaking INCREDIBLE!!! I am so happy for her, thank you for posting this! Now that is one woman who worked her butt off for her kids. Jodi

Stephanie said...

Oh, how wonderful! We love Signing Time here!

Anonymous said...

The Signing Time stuff is very cool. Thanks for the info. :)

Anonymous said...

I have been collecting ST videos since video #1, when my HOH ds was 24mos old and not speaking. Randy picked up 'stop' and 'go' within a few days and it changed his life and our lives for the better. Now we own 18 ST videos and will continue to buy them as long as Rachel makes them.

Our whole family met Rachel at an event in Michigan. She showed up even though she had a fever and sore throat, but you never would have guessed it though with the gusto she gave at the show. Plus she was nicest person after the show meeting everyone with a smile.

Here's to Rachel getting the Emmy, she truly deserves it!


Christian's Mommy said...

The Signing Time has been such a blessing to our family. I feel like our early experiences with Christian mirrored hers with Leah. I love her attitude regarding the implant as well.

Thanks for posting the article :)