Saturday, May 10, 2008

What I Learned From a Bunch of Things

Just a week ago, I was hanging around a bunch of great people from the SOBCon'08, cruising on Lake Michigan with a rum and coke in my hand. I had the opportunity to meet Robert Hruzek from Middle Zone Musings. You can see him in the photo above if you squint really hard. That's him in the twenty-gallon hat (inflation, ya know?) from Houston.

Robert has an interesting challenge this week, a Mashup of Words. Eighteen topics, he says, can you mash 'em all up?

A mash up? Welcome to my life. First of all, let me tell you that pets, children and writing don't mix. This week, I attempted to finish a writing project on a day when one kid needed to be picked up from school, the second one had to go to baseball practice and the third one wanted to go to a friend's house. At that very moment, the dog decided to decorate the chair she was lying on. Apparently she ingested something from the backyard and it didn't agree with her.

This was the week of friends, relatives and a movie of memories. We hosted my Mom's 80th birthday celebration today and I put together a DVD of 80 photos set to music. Of course, messing with technology found me tearing my hair out as I struggled to get the music to load properly and the software to behave. We attempted to play it on the television, but the DVD player wouldn't behave. So I hauled down the Mac and set it up in the living room. The friends and relatives enjoyed the recreation we provided.

Tomorrow, we're jumping in an automobile and heading to the airport to board a plane to Hawaii. I would gladly take a train over a plane, but they haven't build a track over the ocean yet. After three hours on an airplane, I find myself needing more space than the itty-bitty airplane seats provide. Thank goodness, I can lose myself in the mountains of books that I picked up from SOBCon. I just hope they serve some edible food on the plane!

Why are we heading to Hawaii, you ask? Well, a few weeks ago, I was talking with my Dad and I asked him, if he could go anywhere, where would he like to go? My Dad served in World War II and has always wanted to see Pearl Harbor. Someday, he said, he'd like to take the time to go and see that memorial.

Well, that "someday," is happening tomorrow and we're boarding a plane to go and see that beautiful state. I feel really blessed to have this chance to spend a week with my parents and sister, because time is spinning way faster than I'd like it to.

So if you're waiting for that "someday" with someone who is important in your life, grab your chance now.


Bob said...

Karen, it was great to meet you once again, and I hope this time we can sorta stay better connected! Gee I can't make out that picture very well; it looks like I'm being attacked or something - with my buddy Chris Cree just standing there watching!

What a wonderful blessing to take your dad to Pearl Harbor - I know you'll have a great time.

Great job on the mashup! "Welcome to your life", indeed!


Stephen Hopson said...


You are hilarous. The dog decided to decorate the chair? HILAROUS! I got a good laugh from that. LOL

And it was more vivid for me because I got to know her while I was a guest at your house. LOL

I bet you're having a fabulous time. Don't forget to get yourself tanned so you can come back and make the family you left behind jealous.

Rosa Say said...

Karen, I am so impressed: You only asked your dad about his "someday" dream trip a couple of weeks ago, and then made it happen? What a giving daughter you are, and an inspiration to the rest of us. Every time I now start to think, "well, maybe one day..." I am going to think of you and give myself a swift kick in the you know where!