Monday, May 05, 2008

SOBCon'08--What's the Deal with those Klondike Bars?

On Friday night, the SOBCon bloggers hopped on board for a cruise down the river and out to Lake Michigan. During the week, we were keeping an eye out on the weather as Chicago is known for making fools out of the local weathermen.

Friday called for severe thunderstorms in the late afternoon into the evening, so when I saw the predictions that morning, I thought for sure the cruise would be canceled due to rough weather. I guess enough bloggers were talking to the weather gods at the same time, as we ended up with a beautiful afternoon and the cruise took off despite a few raindrops.

Christine Kane entertained us with some beautiful songs and we all received a copy of her album--thanks Christine! Stephen Hopson and I were very fortuante that Hannah and Tammi, two interpreter students, donated their time to interpret Christine's singing as well as the conversations that flowed on the cruise.

We had some great food and plenty of drinks and just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Chris Cree and Liz Strauss came along with...

Klondike bars.

What's the deal with those Klondike bars?

Over at Liz Strauss' blog, every Tuesday night, Klondike bars in every flavor are a regular staple. If you view past conversations, you'll see Klondike bars being tossed around the comment section.

So for SOBCon '09, maybe the Klondike company would like to hop on board as an official sponsor, who knows?!


Becky McCray said...

What would you do for a Klondike bar?? Go all the way to Chicago and catch the boat?? :) So sorry I was delayed and missed the fun of this.

Suburban Oblivion said...

LOL! I never could figure that out! It was so unexpected it was funny though! :)

It was so great to meet you, I hope we'll get to spend some more time together next time, and I really hope to catch you at BlogHer in July!