Sunday, February 03, 2008

Pepsi Commercial Interview with ABC

Last night, I met up with Darren and Sheri Therriault at the West Suburban Association of the Deaf. I am one of the past presidents of this club and Dennis O'Brien, the current president has taken the club to new heights.

Darren played the passenger in the Pepsi Commercial that will be airing today during the Super Bowl pre-game. During the "Deal or No Deal" game last night, Darren and I provided the "commercials" for the breaks.

So many people came up to me last night to share their own stories about drive thru struggles. Most of them related stories about attitude barriers. It is clear that we need to make some changes in the restaurant industry when it comes to serving deaf and hard of hearing customers.

Darren and I and our spouses had to leave early last night. I had to pick up my kids and he had to get up early to do the ABC News this morning with Karen Meyer:

"Bob's House" to Air During Super Bowl

Photo descriptions:
#1 Sheri and Darren and me
#2 Darren and Dennis O'Brien doing a commercial break
#3 WSAD "Howie" leading the way


Michelle said...

Awesome! I just *knew* I had spelled his last name wrong....Sorry Darren!

Anonymous said...

Yes WSAD is a really wonderful organization. I agree DOB is doing a wonderful job!

Looking forward to the segment from today.

Midas said...

Are you talking about the real commercial for Pepsi? That's so cool. I missed superbowl though.

Jenny said...

I caught the last part of the commercial so thanks for the link showing the entire commercial and the interview! Completely neat!!

Jim said...

Looks like fun. :)

Anonymous said...

I heard about this commercial before the superbowl and was looking foward to seeing it...I was very disapointed when it was NOT shown during the superbowl.