Monday, February 11, 2008

Deaf Bookclub Meets Via Video!

On Saturday night, after sending my oldest kid off to the Turnabout dance, I headed over to my BookHands meeting. Two of our members couldn't make it and one had to leave early. Two of our other members moved out of state but they continued to read the books along with the rest of us. We discussed the book, They Poured Fire on Us From the Sky, about three boys who lived in Sudan and later came to America.

We had hoped to connect via with Karen from Georgia and Kathy from Texas, but Kathy wasn't able to get her webcam up and running. So we had Karen on Oovoo and Kathy on the videophone and we were able to do a video chat. We will be connecting via Oovoo for our next meeting, which will allow Karen and Kathy to see each other and partcipate fully.

The only drawback is that Karen and Kathy will have to provide their own chocolate!

I love technology!


Jim said...

I am way behind on these technology and I am too shy to show my face. LOL

Karen said...

At least you guys don't have to put on makeup to look good on camera! :)

Michelle Dunn said...

I have soooo much respect for you! Being a mother of 3 I know what kind of challenge it is to raise children! The fact that you can do this while being deaf is just incredible! You're an example for us really are :)

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Julie said...

I am Kathy's Mother-In-Law. I know how much she is missing the BookHands club meetings. So glad of the technology that allows her to still participate. To show my support - I'll provide chocolate for her! LOL


kkurt said...

I really love technology these days, but theres SO much more out there, sometimes I feel I could be missing something ELSE! It was really nice to chat with you guys! Looking forward to doing it again! :)