Thursday, February 21, 2008

Marlee Matlin on Oprah and Dancing With the Stars

Ah yes, the rumors are so true, Marlee Matlin is in the line up for the new Dancing with the Stars season. She will be on Oprah today along with the other cast members.

USA Today published an interview with Marlee: Deaf Matlin Follows in Mills' Footsteps. Marlee isn't worried about following the music. "The stairs at the top of the stage--I'm thinking heels, stairs, and I start to sweat," she says in the USA Today article.

A deaf gal dancing to music? But how?

Like me, Marlee has some hearing with her hearing aids. She can follow music and lyrics with practice. We both share a common love of Billy Joel's music and by memorizing the lyrics, we can follow along.

Billy Joel's song, "Just the Way You Are" was my wedding song and I knew that song backwards and forwards. Yet, because we had a band playing the music and singing the song, I had difficulty following it and had to glance at the interpreter to keep up with the words. If I could do my wedding dance over again, I'd definitely play a CD recording instead. The music and lyrics are so ingrained that any deviation from it makes me lose the ability to follow it.

I haven't watched "Dancing with the Stars" before, but I'm looking forward to Marlee kicking up her heels!

I'm in the middle of the Oprah show and watching the stars from previous shows dance. Riding a Cowboy--need I say more? ::::Fannning myself::::: I'm hooked already!

Update #2:

According to Jamie Berke, Marlee now has a blog on My Space:


Val said...

I can't wait to read updates on what happens. I will miss the show, I have to work for a few hours in the afternoons so I don't get to see Oprah, but do update!

Sandra said...

I have watched every season of DWTS, and I am SO excited that Marlee is a contestant on this one. However, I am also a huge figure skating fan so I will be cheering on both Marlee and Kristi Yamaguchi :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

I just happened to turn on Oprah show today and saw Marlee along with others. That was such a pleasant surprise. I am a fan of Marlee, Kristi and Priscilla.
I am sure they all are ready to dance!

I love to dance as well. Dancing is one of the most fun thing to do.

Take care.

Ms. Katrina

C~ said...

Oh, honey, what you have missed! Major eye candy! LOL I was embarrassed to say I was hooked from the first show...but I have watched every season! It's awesome!

I love Marlee...this is gonna be so cool.

Dawn Colclasure said...

Like American Idol, I don't watch DWTS because I think, "What's the point? I can't hear the music." But watching someone sing and watching them dance is almost magical. I can almost imagine what the music sounds like, and not just from how they move to the music. Kudos to Marlee for stepping up (and stepping OUT!) for this challenge!

I'm a Billy Joel fan, too! :)

Marti said...

I'm late commenting on this, but I wanted to pop in and say hello, and add my voice to the chorus *snicker* that says "What a wonderful thing!" I haven't seen all of the DWTS shows, but I always like it when I see it, and I will look forward to seeing Marlee on the program. Bravo!

Jana B said...

I can't watch DWTS this season, because I don't have cable at the moment... but guess what! Marlee is coming to speak at the college a few blocks away from me!

I am SOOOOOO going.