Saturday, February 09, 2008

Join Me on Oovoo!

The great folks over at Oovoo, are hosting My Oovoo Day, an event where bloggers from all over are hosting a chat day to interact with their readers using webcams and text and voice chat. This chat is in honor of Susan Reynolds, a blogger who was diagnosed with breast cancer and has been sharing her journey in her blog, Boobs on Ice. You may have heard about the Frozen Peas Fund which is collecting money for breast cancer research in Susan's honor. I also have a friend, Jill, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and I'm doing this with her in mind as well.

I'm hosting an Oovoo chat day on February 21, 2008 from noon until 2p.m. Central time. Participation is limited to five chatters at one time. You can sign up to join the chat here:

A Deaf Mom Shares Her World--Open House!

All that is required is a webcam and the Oovoo software which can be downloaded for free here:

Oovoo Software

We'll be chatting about anything and everything-- kids, life, blogging, and heck, even boobs!

Oovoo is generously donating funds to the Frozen Pea Fund and Hands & Voices for the chat.


Genevieve Hinson said...

I wish I could -- I'm at work that day for all the hours listed.

Have fun though!

Anonymous said...

I have one since last year November 2007 and love it. Eventhough I traveled to another country and I brought my laptop and webcam.. I used to oovoo to call my friends in AMerica.. Yeah, love it and much better than yahoo or aim video webcam. You can join and this is FREE and no COST!!!

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

You are a never-ending source of inspiration...really, rock on, Jodi

Scott said...

And if anyone is using a Mac, the alpha version of the Mac software can only be found at at this point.

Thanks for agreeing to take part, Karen!

Full disclosure: I work for crayon, the strategic marketing advisory firm that's working with ooVoo.