Tuesday, May 15, 2007

SOBCon-- A Learning Experience

My eyes have recovered.

After seven hours of absorbing information second-hand from two interpreters, I have recovered from the SOBCon that was held in Rosemont on Saturday.

When I first arrived, I was greeted by Phil Gerbyshak, the "Relationship Geek." I had just discovered his blog a few days before the event but I recognized him after a few seconds and confirmed it with a glance at his name tag. Phil has an exuberant personality and he urges his readers to "Make it Great!" Phil spoke later on about the importance of being authentic and being yourself in your blog.

I met Liz Strauss in front of the registration desk and thanked her for providing the interpreters for the event. It was wonderful to meet her in person after reading her blog and learning from it for the last few weeks. Just as I settled in my seat, Terry Starbucker and Wendy Piersall came bounding up and offered big hugs. Phil, Liz, Terry and Wendy-- what a nice welcome to receive!

I really enjoyed the small group discussion but I found myself suddenly shy and quiet. A couple of times I wanted to throw in suggestions but I couldn't make myself speak up. Anyone who knows me usually can find me yakking away, so I left the conference feeling like I needed another day to get to know everyone. Perhaps if I had been able to attend on Friday night, I might have felt more comfortable at speaking out.

I learned a few things about blogging at this conference and I'm making my way through the blogs from the list of attendees. Terry Starbucker was the perfect MC and his winning personality (not to mention his singing, which the interpreters said was pretty good!) added a special touch to the day.

To top it off, the lunch was absolutely delicious!


The Idea Dude said...

Hi Karen, the Friday night was definitely an ice breaker. I agree, a two day event would have been good too but nothing like leaving a conference and wanting so much more. ;)
Wasn't it an phenomenal experience?

Jana B said...

That sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I wonder if they have events like that here in Indiana? *looking that up*

starbucker said...

Hi Karen! It was wonderful to meet you - I'm so glad you came. I caught your great smile many times in the front row, and it fueled my enthusiasm. See you at SOBCOn08!

Adam Kayce, Monk at Work said...

Hi Karen,

Sorry we didn't get to meet — I had a great time watching your interpreters, though!

I took a course in ASL in college because I was fascinated, but I'm so rusty that I could hardly keep up.

Dawud Miracle said...

Hi Karen.

Sorry we didn't get to meet. Seems like the weekend just flew by. Let's make sure we at least say hi next year.

groovyoldlady said...

Send them to Maine. PLEASE!

Karen said...

Goovy, come with me to the next one!

JibberJobber Guy said...

Hi Karen, sorry that I missed hooking up with you in Chicago - I was at the geek table in the back of the room the entire time trying to blog minute-by-minute.

But it was cool to see you there (even though we didn't meet) - next year you need to speak up! :)

Jason Alba
CEO - JibberJobber.com

Karen said...

Thanks for the visit, Jason. Next year I certainly will speak up! :)