Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another Deaf Author Discovered--Connie Briscoe

A couple of weeks ago, during a search for authors who are deaf or hard of hearing, I stumbled upon Connie Briscoe. In the mid 1990's, Connie rocketed to the bestseller list with her first novel, Sisters and Lovers. Connie is deaf and the former editor of the American Annals of the Deaf.

You can read more about Connie in a Gallaudet interview and in Jamie Burke's interview.

Connie's newest book is Jewels, a collection of fifty stories about African American women over the age of fifty. Connie includes her own personal story in this book. I plan to order this photographic book using the gift certificates that I've earned from My Points--Earn Rewards at MyPoints.

Yesterday, I headed over the library and found two of her books: P. G. County and Can't Get Enough.

I'm on chapter three of P.G. County and fascinated by the way Connie introduces characters. I have a feeling I'm going to like her books. On page seven, they've already gotten into some hot, steamy action.

I'm off to read more.


Dianrez said...

Connie was also interviewed for the Silent News and she has done wonderfully in opening up the field of writing for others interested in it. Have a look at her website and see all the goodies she offers!

As a person who has been personally involved with hearing loss, deafness, issues of deaf education, and who has worked with Deaf people at Gallaudet, she is a valuable inspiration for the rest of us as a writer. You go, Connie!

moxie_mocha said...


Check out this blog, which is written by a dear friend of mine. She focuses on books for deaf adolescents. She has a list of deaf authors and their books.

Have a nice weekend,

jdoriot said...

Neat! I love to find authors like her...sometimes I just get caught up in what everyone else is reading and I miss some good books! I'll have to check our library...

Gabrielle said...

Hi Karen,

I just voted for you before I visited your blog. You got a Westie? It's my dream dog! It's still very expensive here, so I can't afford. Hehe. Anyway, nice blog you have here. Greetings from Indonesia!

amishwoman1 said...

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The lady,..who co-wrote our book is totally Deaf and also written THE BLACK HEART BOOK,..a tale of a mountain witch from Harlan County, Kentucky,..her grandfather's story. It's a true story and it'll make your hair stand on end!!

Anonymous said...

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