Friday, May 04, 2007

$65 Million Dollars for a pair of pants-- Absurd!

What would you do if the local dry cleaning establishment lost your favorite pair of pants?

Like most people, you would get a little upset. You might become tremendously pissed off and make the establishment refund you for the cost of the dry cleaning and the pants. At worse, you'd haul them off to small claims court and let a judge settle the case.

Then you'd go out and buy another pair of pants and go off to work.

Like most people.

Apparently, Roy Pearson isn't like most people. He's a judge from Washington, D.C. who decided to take his own case to court and sue the local dry cleaners to the tune of $65 million dollars.

For losing his pants.

The Chungs, who own the dry cleaning establishment, have done everything they can to remedy the issue without going to court. They've offered plenty of money to replace the suit and settle the matter. An offer of twelve grand did nothing to satisfy Mr. Pearson.

He's still dragging them to court and asking for $65 million dollars for the inconvenience of having to rent a car and drive across town to use another dry cleaners.

To top it off, the Chungs claim that they have found his pants.

Let's hope a more level-headed judge will throw this case out and make Pearson pay for this absurd use of our legal system.

And to help this case out, I've got a perfectly good suit sitting in my husband's closet-- Pearson, do you want it?


Jin said...

The only good that can come from this is to have this so-callled judge removed. But, that didn't happen because the DC municipal system is corrupt and inbred. The judge got reappointed for a 10-year term yesterday. Tragic.

KAT said...

I was as stunned by this ridiculous lawsuit as you are. I heard there is a group of people who want him to lose his position as a judge for bringing such a frivolous lawsuit. And I feel terrible for the owners of the dry cleaning business, who are thinking of leaving the country because of all this.

What was this guy thinking?!? (I guess he wasn't...)

Suzanne Lieurance said...

Gee. If this judge is wanting $65 million to compensate him for his pants and the time and effort it took to rent a car and drive to the dry cleaners, he sure values his time, doesn't he?

It's not like they cut off this guy's leg or anything. They lost a pair of pants for gosh sakes. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

That must have been some pair of pants!

Seriously, I heard that the judge and the dry cleaners had have problems in the past. I think this may his way to 'stick it to them' once and for all. What an abuse of our judicial system.

groovyoldlady said...

Somebody needs to pull the wool pants over greedy dude's head!

Laurie said...

Very sad. . .and the dry cleaning establishment is probably a harder worker and greater asset to the community than some Americans in this country!

Mother Hoodwink said...

Wow. If this case doesn't get thrown out, then I will have lost all faith in our judicial system.

mishkazena said...

Not only is he being petty, he is using the judicial system to carry out his personal vendetta. That's abuse of the system, not what it is designed for and also use it to harrass these poor dry cleaning owners.

To make it worse, he is a judge. His conduct is digusting.

oh puhleeze

Nicole said...

oh how ridiculous. I had heard something about this, but not much. It's absolutely crazy and I really think this guy needs to be knocked down a few notches. Are you kidding me - $65 million for a freakin' pair of pants? I have twenty pairs you can have for only $1 million! LOL

Philip. said...

I have never read so much rubbish in my life.

If he wins then there is seriously something wrong with the American judicial system!

Celeste said...

Being a judge he will win. UNLESS all the other judges excuse themselves.