Monday, December 10, 2007

Leonard Hall, Attorney for the City of Olathe

My friend Tony, has just completed the LSAT and is planning to go to law school when he finishes his undergraduate degree. Tony is hard of hearing and I've been connecting him with deaf and hard of hearing lawyers when I find them.

Here's one for you, Tony:

Leonard Hall, Kansas Attorney.


Todd said...

First of all, I wish Tony the best of luck, on his LSAT and his law school endeavors.

Secondly, if you could, point him towards Thanks!

Tony said...


Thanks so much! Leonard's story is both inspirational and passionate. I'm already on my way towards finding out as much as I can about the different fields in law. Tough stuff, but I could never have reached where I am without your help. I'll see you this Thursday for the Parent Connection Meeting. Tony.