Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Disaboom.com--A Community for People with Disabilities

A few months ago, I was asked by Disaboom.com to join their group of bloggers writing about life. My blog posts can be found here: Deaf Mom's Disaboom.

Disaboom is a brand new website that focuses on disability topics and people with disabilities. The website launched in October of this year, and will re-launch with some improved changes in January of next year. The Vancouver Sun recently did an article on Disaboom: Disaboom Gathers Disabled. One of my blog posts has a brief mention in there.

Here are some of the popular blog posts I've done at Disaboom:

Carmel Flores

Disability Blogs on the Web

Meet Stephen Hopson

Henry Kisor Releases New Mystery Novel

The Deaf Freedom Cruise

Deaf People Have Signaoke!


OCDAC said...

I'm there as deafactivist

jwoehr said...

Neat blogs! I'm there too as Saydrah! Great job :)