Sunday, December 16, 2007

BookHands--What Happy Women Know

On Saturday night, it was my turn to host BookHands, a deaf women's book club, at my place. I'm notorious for picking books by deaf authors or with deaf themes, but this time, I went with a self-help book, What Happy Women Know.

We were missing two of our members, Karen and Kathy, who moved out of state (and how we do miss them!) and another member had a company party to go to. We had quite a lively discussion about happiness and the role of money in happiness. We took some trips back in time where we shared some happy memories. We talked about "Jobs, Careers and Callings" and how each of us approached our work in life. Some shared how the hard times in life brought happiness through a better sense of self and changed circumstances.

A great book, great discussion and a lot of food left us discovering that we are indeed a happy bunch:


LaRonda said...

Sounds like something I'd like to check out. Thanks for the tip. :)

~ LaRonda

Dawn Colclasure said...

Thank you for telling me about your book club. I'll have to check that book out! :)

Anonymous said...

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