Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer Days

We are finally in a temporary lull of summer--baseball is over and we have a few days before school begins. I took the kids up to Christie Lake to spend a few days with my parents and sister and my cousin, her kids and her mom from Missouri.

The lake was unbelievably empty. Twenty years ago, the lake was so busy that one had to weave a path through the boats and the skiers. There were several of us who skied a couple times a day. Today, it seems as if families are so busy that they only spend a few weekends at the lake. I recall entire summers spent at the lake with a group of friends--we swam and skied all day and always managed to find things to do.

My cousin and I bobbed in the lake for over an hour while the sun was going down. The kids jumped from the pontoon and swam around us. Every now and then, the pontoon would drift away and one of the kids would drive it back. It was one of those rare summer days where one could sit back and appreciate the down time.

I remind my kids every summer how fortunate they are to have those lazy days at the lake.


Genevieve Choate said...

I wish for a quiet lake. Here they are so busy -- too busy -- with people. Camping is like an outdoor hotel -- people everywhere.

Course when I was young and we lived in WA state, I was used to maybe five neighbors spread across acres.

Sounds like a lovely, lovely day!

Jeanne said...


Thanks so much for faving Writer's Notes on Technorati! I really appreciate it! I've faved A Deaf Mom Shares Her World, too!

Just a little background about me: I am a hearing person, who loves the Deaf and has an interest in ASL--though I wish I were far more fluent at it!

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So glad to have found your blog!

Have a great day!
Jeanne Dininni

Jim Moon said...

Great site, I loved the story about the lake. Truly we should cherish the moments (especially when your a kid) I grew up on a lake when I was young and loved it... I long for those days..

Great site and very nice articles.

Jim Moon

Marti said...

So true! The picture is as lovely as the thoughts!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing!

groovyoldlady said...

Lazy sounds REALLY good about now!

Lela Davidson said...

I love the lake too. Thanks for stopping by After The Bubbly. I hope you find something you like. I'm trying to get motivated to post more consistently! I think you are doing a great service here, putting words to this topic. I know you must be helping many people. Keep up the good work!

Dawn Colclasure said...

That's a great pic. I loved reading about those memories. It's always fun to visit a lake! So far for us, it's either a river or a creek. Kids need those lazy summer days because they won't last into adulthood!

Celeste said...

Thew lakes are drying up around here.