Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bat Woman Saves the Day

After a full day of workshops at the Hands & Voices Leadership Conference last Friday, I headed over to the director's cabin to kick back. We played a rousing game of "Truth or Lie," where each person stated one truth and one lie about themselves and we had to guess which was which. It was a great way to get to know everyone else in a casual atmosphere.

I decided to hop into the hot tub in the back of the cabin with Stephanie, another deaf mom. I was hoping that the hot water would provide some relief from the pain in the my leg. We noticed a bird fluttering around the ceiling but we shrugged as we hopped into the tub.

A short time later, the bird settled on the window blinds. We took one look at the bird, one look at each other--and we both began to scream.

It was a bat.

Several people came running from the living room to find out what we were screaming about. Fortunately, Laura Godfrey from Minnesota was one of the moms who came in. She works at a zoo. Without batting an eye (sorry, I couldn't resist!), she took off her jacket and wrapped it around the bat--releasing it outside. The bat wasn't too happy and deposited a little smelly stuff on her jacket.

Thanks, Bat Woman--you saved the day!


Dawn Colclasure said...

Ah, bats. I've seen many of those when I lived in the desert. At my younger bro's high school graduation, a whole swarm of bats flew overhead. And one time, as I was leaving my apartment, I opened my door to see a bat RIGHT THERE flapping his wings and shrieking at me. EEK! I'm glad this bat was harmless, though, and that someone was able to get it out of there! This was a good story. :)

By the way, I have tagged you for a meme:

groovyoldlady said...

Aaaaawwww. It gave her a present! Bat guano is a very important comodity.

Juliet said...

When I was in college I was the unofficial campus bat-lady. I had trapped some for a professor of mine, so whenever facilities got a call about a bat in a building, they called me. They never hurt me, in spite of biting me with their little tiny teeth and jaws. Less harmful than a kitten, and just as cute!

Sorry one ruined your hot tub, though. How's your leg?

Karen said...

I can't even think of touching a bat!

The leg is better but still no diagnosis.

Genevieve Choate said...

Ohhhhhhh my goodnesss! Hah, what a fright and a great story . :)

Genevieve Choate said...

I just read your "Yo - I'm dead" on e-opinion.

I need to forward that to folks I know to explain myself! I'm still on the hard-of-hearing spectrum (but progressively going deaf)but can relate to almost everything you wrote.

Do you like your hearing aides? I got mine about 14 years ago, tried them for a year and gave up. I just recently gave them to my dad who had new ear inserts made and he loves them. He's totally deaf in one ear w/o it and the other... prob legally deaf by now.

He doesn't use CC on the TV so it sounds like WW2 in his living room. My mom is thrilled about the hearing aides cos now she can think while he watches TV. (He even used headphones and it was real loud from them I guess.)

So I wonder if I should try some new kind again, but their so pricey -- would hate to hate them again.

Sorry, went on a spiel -- but was wondering your take on the hearing aides.

Marti said...

What a story! Bats - ewww (loved your pun about batting an eye though - lol)

Hope your leg improves soon. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!