Friday, August 24, 2007

Glenda Watson Hyatt, Blogger and Author Coming to Bolingbrook!

Glenda Watson Hyatt, author of "I'll Do It Myself!" is coming to Bolingbrook in a gleaming red Ferrari. She's scheduled to arrive on Monday for a virtual book tour via this blog.

Glenda is heading for fourth place in the Blog For a Year contest and I'm personally rooting for her to head to first place. Here's a bit about Glenda:

"Why should you get paid to blog for a year?"
Since I was young, I have dreamt of having a regular column (then a newspaper column, now a blogging job) in which I share my experiences as a person living with a disability to show that I am more than my cerebral palsy; to show that I am capable of having a career, running a business, being married and owning a home, that I am interested in politics, global warming, and, heaven forbid, even sex, and that I have “normal” every day problems too. My reason for wanting to write this kind of column/blog is to alleviate people’s fears of those with disabilities in a non-confrontional and humorous way. Being paid to blog about this would be a dream come true and would fullfil what I believe is my life’s purpose.

Vote for Glenda here:

Speed Glenda to First Place!

Be sure to check back here on Monday as Glenda roars in!

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