Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fantasy Football Season Begins--Time to Don Black

It's that time of the year again.

Yesterday was the annual Draft Day for the Windy City Pigskin League. This deaf fantasy football league was started by Kent Gardner, my husband's college roommate sixteen years ago when he moved here from California. Kent and Joe recruited a bunch of guys from deaf softball teams and put together a draft on a weeknight, writing the players and teams by hand. Yesterday's draft was a bit more sophisticated with pre-printed player labels and some of the guys using laptops. The league now includes Lisa Maloney, the lone gal who knows more about football than some of the guys combined. While other fantasy teams have switched to online drafts and auctions, the Windy City guys prefer their annual party complete with beer and food.

When Joe first started, we would watch the football games together and I learned the names of more players than I care to remember. Along came the kids, and I became less involved. A few years ago, Joe made our oldest son one of his partners and he's slowly pulling in our youngest son as well. Lauren and I have learned to busy ourselves on weekends as the guys go over statistics, analyze players and dive into game after game.

This year, the guys are so excited because we've switched cable providers and our new provider includes an NFL channel in the basics. Lauren and I have already decided that our weekends will consist of shopping and lunches out.

Now all I need is for my guys to win the championship so I can afford the shopping!

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Anonymous said...

Great pix.. Thanks Diane..

Please do notice Karen's son David standing far right. I want to talk about him... After talking with him on draft day.. I can't get over how intelligent he is.. His ability to grasp concept of trade and determing draft picks based on priorities as well as seeing the "BIG" picture continues to amaze me... He has joined his Dad for the past few years now.. This recent WCPL draft, this was the most action I've seen him get involved in... He is a lot of fun to watch and to be around.. Mind you David is only a FRESHMEN currently enrolled at Hinsdale South. It might be soon that David's father Joe will turn over majority vote over to David to have the final say on those draft picks... David is awesome !!! for his age and wit, trying to figure out where he got it from?? Karen or Joe?? I had a sneaking feeling that it was David learning it from all points around.. Good job David.. and good luck in High School buddy.. any questions about Track and Field. Look me up pal... smile..

Yo Joe Putz>.. no offense.. YA STILL DA MAN !!!

David.. U ROCK!!

Dennis "DOB" O'Brien Jr..