Monday, July 16, 2007

RealTravel--A Great Travel Resource!

In the middle of dreaming about next year's vacation, I stumbled upon RealTravel--a travel blog site where others can blog about their trips around the world.

I spent a good hour reading about other people's trips. The travel pictures on this site are just beautiful. The site is addictive. For example, I clicked on Go_Girl's entry about her trip to Potosi, Bolivia and I was transported to a city that I had never heard about. Go_Girl shared her day in Potosi with a few recommendations tossed in. She ended her journal entry with a Spanglish slip of the tongue:

Spanglish spoonerism/Freudian slip of the day (by the tour guide at the mint as she described the Spaniards conversion of the locals):
Catholicollision (instead of Catholicism)" also has a section featuring deals scouted by their travel editors:

RealTravel Deals

There's also a section that gives advice on "Things to Do" and a forum where you can ask specific questions to other travelers.

However, the search engine on the site leaves a bit to be desired. While doing a search for Wisconsin Dells, it tossed in some irrelevant sites and didn't narrow down the search as I had hoped. You'll certainly stumble on even more travel articles using the search feature!

And finally, check out this couple that took a one year journey around the world: 365 Days Around the World.

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