Friday, January 26, 2007

Sound and Fury, Six Years Later-- Purchasing Information

Note: This is a re-post which includes information on how to purchase the film, Sound and Fury, Six Years Later.

When Sound and Fury was released in October, 2000, the movie spurred discussions about cochlear implants all around the nation. The movie covered the story of two brothers who had deaf children. One chose to obtain a cochlear implant for his son, the other decided not to choose that for his daughter.

I saw the movie in Chicago at a film festival with a friend. Never before had I experience a movie that was so raw and up close about the decisions that parents make when raising deaf and hard of hearing children.

Sound and Fury often stayed on my mind, so about a year ago, I decided to get in touch with both families and find out how they were doing. I learned that all of the deaf members of the Artinian family had obtained a cochlear implant, with the exception of Peter. You can read the article here: Sound & Fury: A Family Comes Together Again.
Josh Aronson, the director of the film, has now released a new film: Sound & Fury, Six Years Later. Heather Artinian obtained an implant at the age of nine and the film chronicles her life as a teen. For more information on how to obtain the film, contact Mr. Aronson at:

On another note, the youngest child to receive an implant is three months old: Music to the Ears.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the film, contact Josh Aronson at: For schools and libraries, contact: or


krystyna said...

Hi Karen!
I am so glad that I found your wonderful blog (Sadiq).
I didn't see this movie. But I'm going.
All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

I got an email from them. The Six Years Later DVD (approx 30 mins) is $29.00 (don't know if shipping is included or not). I discovered the DVD at my library so I'm skipping on purchasing. I viewed the film quickly before going to work...seems focused on Heather (not her siblings or the brothers...but can tell the "demanding" grandma is soooo happy about the result of the CI for Heather). BTW, at the end of the film, an advert screen flashed on for Cochlear (a CI company). Ummm...I will watch it again very closely soon. :)

Anonymous said...

I watched the movie. It is beautiful. Even when I disagree of the decision of giving Heather the implant (when she was 6) I could feel the love and caring of the family and extended family.

So glad to know they are all together again. I knew that they love each other very much.