Monday, January 29, 2007

Chicago Parent Magazine--Wanting to be Heard

This month's issue of Chicago Parent magazine has several articles on parenting deaf and hard of hearing children:

Wanting To Be Heard.

I would have liked to see Illinois Hands & Voices included as a resource in this article. Looks like we'll need more publicity so that every parent in Illinois can know about us.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest that you write a friendly follow-up letter to the magazine to inform them about the Ill. Parent organization and encourage them to mention it in the next issue. If you get lucky maybe they'll print your letter in the "letters to the editor" section (if they have one). Of course you should include full contact information for the organization, including its URL, phone, snail mail etc. (because not all parents have web access).

krystyna said...

Hi Karen!
You are doing great job!
"Chicago Parent Magazine" is very helpful for parents.
Illinois Hands&Voices - very needful organization.
This is my first contact with this kind of issue.

God bless you and your work!
(be forgiveness, my English is my second language)