Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm Allergic to Glitter Earmolds

My daughter Lauren has glitter earmolds with pink and purple glitter in them. They look really cool sparkling in her ears so I figured I'd get some blue glitter earmolds myself. After all, my current earmolds were several years old and quite nasty looking. It was time for something fresh and different.

I loved my blue glitter earmolds, but after the first day, my ears were red and itching. By the second day, I had developed sores in several places. I wore them four more days, until I could no longer put the earmolds in.

The old, nasty earmolds went back on. I figured I'd try again after a week.

The same thing happened, but by the end of the day, I knew the earmolds were going to have to go back. I tried again a few days later, but the same itchy feeling came creeping back.

The audiologist called the company to see if they could come up with a solution for me to keep the glitter in a different material. The company is going to remake the earmolds but skip the outer glazing. This means the next set will still have the glitter, but none of the shine. I'm hoping that the next set won't give me an allergic reaction.

After all, I want to be the cool, hip mom.

I know my kids beg to differ.

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Michelle said...

Oh, too bad!! I hope they can get them fixed so you can wear them. How fun!

Deb Ann said...


Jim said...

Ear molds irritates me anyway. LOL

My kids don't want their dad to look cool. LOL

groovyoldlady said...

Bummer! I have several earrings that I'm allergic to, but I dip them in benedryl cream and wear them anyway. It makes them bearable for a day. However, you need more than that for earmolds, eh? I hope you get it all worked out so you can be cool and funky!

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Celeste said...

I am allergic to the hypo allergic molds.