Friday, March 07, 2008

Dawn Nile's Sister Speaks Out

In the Chicago Tribune today, Dawn Nile's sister, Heather, talked about how the family tried to investigate Dawn's murder twelve years ago on their own. They didn't get far by trying to investigate on their own. A family friend urged the local state's attorney to get involved and two years ago, they began investigating the case, interviewing several of the Hinsdale South students who knew Dawn.

Heather said, in the Chicago Tribune:

"Someone does something horrible to your family -- how long does it take to get over that?" Hunziker said. "I know the answer: It's never."

I know that many of the students did not forget Dawn, as her name came up several times over the years. This morning, I received an email from a Hinsdale South student who saw her picture in the Sun Times.

"God, I forgot how pretty she was..." he said.


mishkazena said...

That comment from Heather is so sad, but very true

No, the family will never get over this. The savagery act tearing their beloved one from them leaves a big void in their heart.

Deaf Pixie said...

Pray for Dawn Nile's family want to closure after need to find why she murdered. I know it is unexplained criminal action seem thin air.

Hope anyone in Deaf community in her hometown want to speak out to whom they could not communicate.. Police Station should provided an interpreter because it is possible reopening the case.

Heart to their family who want to closure. it seem not finish business. I agree with her sister speaks out about cold case. They won't closure until the case get evidence.

Deaf Pixie

Deaf Mom's Blogsite! said...

I agree with Heather - you can never really forget Dawn. What she had done in the short time I got to know her after moving back here was amazing.

Dawn used to come over my house during one summer months just before I was to move to CA. We would spend hours playing which was nice. She had a lot of humor, always giggling, and kind of like a mischeif sunshine.

Coming back here, I got to see how she had grown! She turned into such a beautiful soft sunshine. Her humor was dry which made me do a double take.

Today, I still remember her humors - quiet but funny. I still remember all the little things she did at school, after school, etc.

It is very sad, indeed. I was in such a state of shock that I couldn't feel anything. Didn't know if it was okay to cry or get mad cuz it wasn't fair to her, her family and all of us who knew her.

Right now, I am happy to hear that Gary finally get a dose of his own medicine. But, I do hope that the rest of those who were involved with him in this henious act gets caught and be brought to justice as well.

Anonymous said...

i was friends with dawn when we were in grade school and middle school i remeber people saying gary killed her i just wish that he would be put in jail never let out and suufer like we all have i could not get myself to go to her funeral or her wake as i did not want ot remember her in that way...she was my best frind for many years.....kathy....