Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dancing with the Stars--Marlee Matlin is Ready

For seven hours a day, the stars from Dancing with the Stars practice. All day long, they twist, twirl, and tango-- and in high heels to boot. Marlee Matlin looks really good in today's Chicago Tribune (above), which shows her dancing with her partner, Fabian Sanchez. Not only does she have to follow Fabian's lead in high heels, she'll have to do it backwards as well.

I've never watched Dancing with the Stars, but I'll be glued to the TV on Monday night and cheering for Marlee.

Marlee Matlin Ready for Dancing Debut


Anonymous said...

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MamaWise said...

I have been a big fan of Dancing with the Stars since it came on the first season. It's going to be a great show this year! I am excited that Marlee Matlin is on the show - I know she is going to do so well!

Thanks for popping by my blog earlier and leaving a comment. I always enjoy meeting new people. Take care!

Abbie said...

She is great actress in the Showtime series in the "The L Word." I can't wait to see this tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Marlee Matlin is a personal friend, great entertainer, and an inspiration to many. Her warmth, heart felt zest for life came through on Dancing with the Stars last night.
I can not wait to see what depth she will bring to the show tonight. She moves me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen! I don't watch the show either but I've watched the past 2 weeks and have been blown away by Marlee's performance. Fantastic!

She is the star of one of my all time favorite movies, What the Bleep Do We Know. Have you seen it? Totally heady but awesome.