Saturday, January 26, 2008

So, I Planned this Steak 'n Shake Fiasco?

Dear Anonymous Commenter who left a nasty comment at 11:10 p.m. on Friday night:

Unfortunately, you had too many f-bombs and b-words in your comment for me to allow it on this site. One previous f-bomb comment was enough for me to let through already.

You accused me of planing (I think you meant planning) this whole thing for money. I think you're missing something here. I drove up to the window and explained that I couldn't use the speaker and ordered two small milkshakes, one vanilla and one chocolate.

If Mr. Steak 'n Shake Manager had simply taken my order and given me the milkshakes, I would have been merrily on my way with a happy son by my side, with both of us enjoying our treat. Even if Mr. Manager argued and then completed the order and we had gotten our shakes, it would have been just another bad day at the drive thru and I don't think the TV stations nor WLS Radio would have picked this up. Unfortunately, Mr. Manager's actions and denial of service turned this into a different result.

As for what's going to happen after this, I do not know. We have a meeting with Steak 'n Shake's representatives and I would like to see improved access at their restaurants.

Stay tuned.


Jim said...

When people make negative comments like that, they usually are what I called "suspicious people" who are always questioning someone's motive. Questioning one's motives have been learned during younger days.

What you did was one of the examples of "disabiliies movement history". In the past, people with disabilties have spoken up as you did and there were some people who were very critical of their outspoken mission. But, they didn't give up because they believed what was right and wrong as Martin Luther King did. In the United States, we have wonderful laws that protects the disabilities however those laws have not changed those "able" people's (without disabilties) attitudes towards those who have disabilities.

You are making history as part of the disability rights movements that are still educating people about the structural and attitudinal barriers in the United States that are the fundamental cause for the discrimination and oppression faced by disabled people.

I for one fellow blogger support you and I say, ignore those who disagree with you simply because they are still ignorant of the issues.

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Well, I will keep this comment clean (no, I'm not the Friday night poster). However, I highly doubt you will let this comment thru, and if it isn't shown, it will simply prove my point further.

You did not plan this for money, not whatsoever. However, you did plan this for attention to your cause, which is a just cause, don't get me wrong. However, your ends does not justify your means. This is a person's job, and you are messing with it simply to get on a soapbox and say the world is a terrible place for people who are deaf.


Everyone in this world has problems and issues they would like to have addressed. There are people who are blind, deaf, disabled in many ways. And no, the world isnt a perfect place. But it is people like YOU who make it worse by taking something positive (the ADA) and because you were RUDE to someone, use it as a way to both get revenge as well as preach your point. It is no different than a person of color being rude, being told they are rude and denied service, then playing the race card.

You are only doing your cause harm, with crocodile tears on television, and putting a simple restaurant manager's job in jeopardy.

But as I said before, this will never be posted.

Individuals such as yourself, make the intelligent educated masses absolutely SICK.

Karen said...

Dear Anonymous,

Mr. Manager's actions will determine whether or not he keeps his job. In the retail and service world, you keep your job when you do it well and with dignity. This is out of my hands, it is up to Steak 'n Shake.

I called attention to this because I was discriminated against simply because I could not use the speaker. I was denied a service because I could not follow the procedure that the manager outlined to me (to drive around again and use the speaker.)

This isn't about being a rude customer, because when I drove up to that window there was no rudeness at all in my request for a shake. I simply explained my needs, gave my order. It was up to Mr. Manager to deliver on the service. He chose not to.

I believe that if I wanted to truly be rude, I could have sat there in that drive thru and allowed him to indeed call the police.

Jim said...

I wonder why "Anonymous" is not revealing himself or herself when making such comments.

Like other "anonymous posters, their sarcasms are sneering, jesting and mocking your situation. They are very insensitive to what disabled people are going through. I propose that those "anonymous posters" reveal themselves and speak up boldly as you did.

They are to be willing to say "I am ignorant and I am willing to be taught, even when I am wrong and I am willing to learn why these are happening." We should not stop working for justice or cease to be concerned about human rights including people with disabilities.

A Deaf Pundit said...

This is the internet. There are always cranks out there who will flame you for every single thing under the sun. I would ignore them and just go ahead with what you're doing.

You're doing the right thing. And often, the right thing is NOT popular.

Anonymous said...

Your actions are determining this entire issue, they have been from the beginning, you weren't discriminated against, you expected special treatment, did you ever think maybe the reason they don't want people ordering at the window is because its unsafe, what if you weren't a good customer, but instead were someone trying to assault the manager at the drive-thru.

Doesn't he have the right to say NO you cant order at the window out of safety concerns?

kw said...

I am deaf and I also work in public service. That manager would not last five minutes where I work. Becaues it's an old building we have a special door with a doorbell for people with crutches, canes, heart problems, wheelchairs, etc. When they ring, we run to let them in-- and I DO mean RUN. If they ask to be let out that door and it's not obvious to us WHY they want to use that door, we don't ask them WHY they want to use it. Maybe they have a heart condition or MS and get winded easily. . .

In other words, in service jobs your job is to SERVE THE PUBLIC. :-) WITH A SMILE!

You're right Karen, the guy was on a power trip. If he loses his job it's because he's is bad at serving the public. He needs to learn what it's all about.

ThundaFromDownUnda said...

Yes, he was on a power trip, the manager was trying to run his business smoothely and safely, man, what a jerk...oh wait, thats just called GOOD BUSINESS

Jim said...

Anonymous, I disagree about your opinion of her "actions". A deaf person have as much rights to use a drive-thru service as much as a person who can't work able to use self-serve gasoline for their vehicles. Laws requires gas stations to treat disable people as normal people who gets the same benefits despite of their disabilities. They have the same right to use self-serve prices without paying full-service price gasoline.

About your comment on "the manager was trying to run his business smoothely and safely".... You are missing the point of why she is doing this. If you can't see it that way, I am wondering if you ever served the public? Why should a deaf person walk inside to get orders when she can do it outside? Just because an "able" person is not willing to be sensitive and be helpful. This is ignorant and stupid.

Anonymous said...

I understand that you've been discriminated at.

Yes, life's a bitch, really. Your own cause is just a tiny fry among many, many and many more out there that we don't know about.

I feel the amount of posts towards this complaint has became so excessive. I mean the CI debate is paling in comparison to yours! EVEN THE CI TALK!

Some similarly affected were so oppressed in life to point they do not have the economic power to buy a computer and protest about this. Talk about poor!

However, I'm concerned about how you executed the complaint. "PMSing" is nothing but an excuse in light of filing a formal complaint. Your message has to be relentless in sticking to the discrimination bit.

Trailer park types are interested in drama. PMSing is reserved for the Jerry Springer audience.

PMSing emotion and takes away from the clarity, sophistication of the important message of the wrong done towards you.

It allows them to see the real emotion which has nothing to do with PMSing.

What if you weren't PMSing? You see why two-bit sensationalism caused you mixed reviews here?

Also, I didn't understand you one bit. I had the impression you were so skillful a speaker and lipreader to point you don't need hands aiding. Seriously, my eyes were jumping through hoops.

I've seen better protests. Better luck next time.

Seek Geo said...


I was surprised what happened but I have a question since I went through drive-thru several times with no problem ( I personally prefer to walk in but at late nights usually only open for drive-thru ).

So, my question is did you stop at the speaker for like a few seconds before going move forward? Because that's what I did. I stopped there for a few seconds to let them know the car is there.

Most of time, they'd say "hello?" I moved forward to the window and told them I'm deaf, they usually go oh that was you. So they asked what I would like, etc.. so I order food and here I go.

I understand some people were fear for their life if the car drive all way straight to the window without stopping at speaker cuz it can never be safe out there or because it can easily mess up their orders.

Someone was shot and killed in the car at drive-thru recently.

I hope everything will be resolved, anyways. Thanks for sharing!


TheDeafSherlock said...

Dear Deaf Mom:

I'm sorry that you have to go through what I went through. When people leave a profanity filled comment (or worse) behind a "anonymous" name, it's abusing the word "anonymous". It's a freedom of an ability to spreak out with out fear of reprisal, that is what anonymous means.
But when it's abused, by one person, every blog owner has that right to take away that freedom of "anonymous" for good! (That's what I done on my site).

So stand proud, Deaf Mom! I don't care how many people want to act in a ridorism way. You are standing up for the right of all disabled people.

OCDAC said...

Story sounded too fake. Why I never bothered to comment it.

Anonymous said...

People are usually refused service because of being rude and/or belligerent, not because of a disability. I feel there is more to this story. Remember, there are two sides to every story. On looking back, Karen, is it possible you did not let them know about your disability right away (that you are deaf) and were angry and yelling at the workers?

Karen said...

I'm amused by the idiots that don't "get it". Anonymous people really need to GET OVER IT. The law is the law, public places must aid any disabled persons. No law says we MUST go inside to place an order at a drive through, cuz we cant hear?! If drive throughs werent "safe", then there wouldnt be ANY!!!! I believe Karen felt that this was the the worse thing come so far in her life with her disabilities (but not the end), I do know for a FACT that there were many many other incidents, but this by far was BAD. I too, have had many experiences like this, but most people catch on real quick, realizing that I can't hear and are able to aid me in other ways.
I also suspect the bad mouthed Anonymous person could've been the Steak n Shake employee that's in hot water...hmmm

Rox said...

Oh my gosh, what a great idea! Let's make money and support our cause by searching out restaurants that refuse to serve deaf people and then make a big deal about it!

*please note the sarcasm in this post*


Liz said...

I would hope that everyone reading everything here realizes one thing -- and that is that anyone can say anything (including myself). They can twist and turn a story. They can call news media and say whatever they want. The news media chooses to come and report the story (whether it is accurate or not). Then we have very passionate responses on both sides. A deaf person claiming she was discriminated against because she is deaf/the restaurant employee refusing to serve a customer because of rude behavior -- NOT because the customer was deaf.

Are we as a country going to come to a point now where everything is videotaped and recorded to see what the TRUTH is? I think it is something for all of us to think about.

I'm on your side said...


Perhaps you got flamed by naysayers because they got tired reading about deaf bloggers complaining about not receiving proper treatment at stores, restaurants, etc.? It's just too bad that some negative people have decided to lump you with other deaf whiners who are very quick to yell "audism".

Your unfortunate incident disgusted me and I wish to see that manager demoted to some lowly toilet scrubber.

JanetPG said...

In response to some of the criticisms for Karen's action:

you are asking for special treatment
why not just go into the restaurant?

Actually, Karen is merely asking for the same service as other Steak 'n Shake customers - the ability to make your purchase without leaving your car. The reasons that people prefer to buy a shake or burger from their car is as varied as the people themselves - little children in the car, a sore back, can't walk a long distance, sick and can't be around crowds, bad weather, convenience, in a hurry, just plain lazy, and on and on. Fast food places offer this service because customers want it. People who are deaf are customers with the same reasons.

Get over it
No need to make such a fuss.

Well, just like getting to pick your seat on the bus or which water fountain you want to drink out of, "fusses" are how we change the status quo nonviolently so that civil rights are upheld.

Fear of assault at the drive up window. It's a driveup window. People drive up to the window. That fear is potentially present for all customers.

Manager wants to run the business smoothly and safely.
(I cannot see how ordering 2 shakes at the driveup window by using a slightly altered format compromises efficiency, especially given that there was no line of cars, but that's not really the point.) Corporate headquarters would support smooth, safe and efficient running of a business. Legality and customer service are also priorities of any ethical business.

It seems that the arguments against offering an alternative driveup option as say, Culver's Drive-Thru does, are based on a self-absorbed, unthinking, noncreative view that "This is how it's done, so live with it." I think that people who are not routinely, regularly discriminated against because of race, gender, religion, or ability to not really see how prevalent this discrimination is. This story lets those of us who are not deaf see an example of daily life that we may not be remotely aware of. I really appreciate blogs for that reason - exposing me to life through a lens other than my own.

Jim said...

Discrimination is a problem faced by disabled (not just deaf people) people and their families around the world. We have come a long way since the Disability rights movement started in the 1970s which were led by individuals with disabilities. Persons are only "handicapped" if things are not available to help them overcome the limitations of their disabilities: aging, glasses, hearing aids, wheel chairs, ramps, elevators, large print bulletins, sign interpreters, TDD telephones, and special teaching techniques for persons with learning disabilities.

Life does not discriminate but people with attitudes discriminates people. There are times when our honest expression of an opinion will be misinterpreted, our motive and heart misread. Like one "Anonymous" poster said..."Also, I didn't understand you one bit. I had the impression you were so skillful a speaker and lipreader to point you don't need hands aiding. Seriously, my eyes were jumping through hoops.

I've seen better protests."

I truly believe this poster is discriminating Karen of how she speaks and how deaf people express themselves. Maybe they are not aware of how deaf culture express and communicate.

You can see ignorance in some of their posts.

Dianrez said...

Really! People who doubt that this happened the way you told it haven't seen how Deaf people live.

I have been refused service quite a few times, and not as a result of rudeness, appearance or any other problem. Simply as a result of my not hearing or using pad and pencil instead of speaking.

At a soda counter, waitresses at first ignored me as I offered a paper to them. Then one looked at it, pushed it back at me, and nothing happened, not one word about when my coke and sandwich would arrive. Fifteen minutes of seeing them serve other people later, I left.

Twice I have been asked to drive around past fast food speakers again and my "order would be ready by the time" additional people in front of me had been served.

There were others, too, but less clearly discriminatory because other people rescued me, or I was passed to another server, or the person simply didn't want to serve anybody at all. The possibility also existed that the person may not have been able to read.

Hang in there, and keep your message simple and to the point, this is the first time it has hit the news. About time!

Don't let people try to explain it away by saying you were rude, etc. That is just avoiding the facts.

Cathy said...

Many of the comments are making me laugh so hard! I can't believe how stupid certain people can be!!!

One said maybe the fear was present at the window which is why ordering AT the window was refused!?!? What the heck!??! The window will have to be OPENED regardless due to paying for the order and getting the order out to customers... so don't use FEAR as a justified reason for not accepting orders. DUH!

I suspect the worst comments were from those who have some form of association with the alleged perp or those close to this person --- or just plainly disgruntled people who are so so so uneducated about DIVERSITY!

Really can't wait to visit this particular location-- just to show them---- HELLO! WE EXIST, WE ARE HERE TO STAY! EMBRACE US!

Jim said...

Cathy, I have not met Karen in person and I don't even know her personally other than reading her blogs. I am deaf just like her and I know what she goes through.

You haven't so if you have not been in our shoes, then you don't know what we go through. Your comment is the worst kind of ignorance of all. I feel sad for you even though I could have your attitude about laughing.

Karen said...

Anonymous wrote: "What if you weren't PMSing? You see why two-bit sensationalism caused you mixed reviews here?"

PMSing is the reason for wanting the shake. It played no part in how this unfolded. May I remind you that had the manager simply taken the order and my money, I would have gotten two shakes and we wouldn't be here discussing this today.

Jim said...

I have mentioned people's ignorance in my blog today. I want people to be educated of why this still happening in this world.

Paula said...

Hi Karen,

Just wanted to chime in here and say that I'm appalled at some of these commentors! I would've done the same thing you did if I had been in your place, tried to deal with the manager by explaining the situation and when that didn't work, I'd have blogged the hell out of it online! :) I'm glad you're drawing attention to this issue. Sure, it's just one restaurant manager and he made a mistake, but it is the company's responsibility to properly train their employees. By bringing attention to it, you are putting other restaurants with drive-thrus on notice and you're doing a great thing for the rest of us! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! So the Anonymous comment that said PMSing isn't a factor... is a man! There is no way that anonymous can be a woman!

For those that can't seem to grasp this issue. Well there is no point in trying to educating those with black hearts. This is much more than discrimination at issue here. I bet this manager was totally unaware of anything but hearing culture. So, instead of assessing the situation as a quick thinker, he made a poor judgment call. Thus not suitable for a position that manages others.

Karen, you have my support. And I commend you at the level of class you are handling the matter along with these unfortunate comments.

Laurie said...

Hello Karen,

I haven't been reading blogs this week and just found out about your "incident." I am so glad and thankful that you are sharing your experience. This struck a familiar chord with me and I just wrote about it on my blog. Hope it is okay with you. I, along with many others, will be following your updates for the days and weeks to come!

Keep your chin up and smile! We need more people like you!

Sam said...

Karen...bad comments or not, I am glad you stood up for your (and our) rights. I would have done the same thing or maybe even just sit there and wait for the police to come knowing they will have some decency to do something right...PLUS, while waiting I would let the media know.

Addedum to anonymous....what part of ADA don't you understand? This is 2008 not 1955....when Rosa Parks got basically the same kind of treatment.

Michelle D said...

Hello.. I was telling my hubby about this incident and he laughed. He said that Karen's doing the right thing. I told him the simple question to ask the manager - "how often do you see deaf people?" I'm sure the manager would say not that lot (much). So therefore he should have patience and serve this deaf customer, right? We, deaf people, have lots of patience in hearing world - why can't hearing people take some time and patience with deaf people??? Sigh...
Karen, you go all the way! I'll be on your side.

deafk said...

Hi, this is for this nonsense anonymous. Perhaps it helps this person understand at least??? I wrote the message regarding to why we went to the drive thru service, and posted it at 9:11am EST. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Sara (from Hands and Voices) gave me your name and blog and I thought I'd check it out. My son, Luca, (8 months) is hard of hearing. We are justing learning about the hard-of-hearing world and it has been a great eye opener and made me more understanding as a person.

Little did I know that when I stumbled upon, well, such a busy time on your blog. I think it's great that you spoke up for the service you needed and I'm sure most people understand you and your story. As far as negative comments or feedback you are getting, I wouldn't even respond. Sometimes people just want someone to "roll in the mud" with and I wouldn't even give them that.

Anonymous said...

I am personally torn after seeing this story and reading up on the blog here.
I can not imagine someone in the service industry would not just take care of their customer.
At the same time I have a hard time understanding why people think that becuse they have a special need that everyone else should bend over backwards to take care of them.
I guess I just don't understand why someone would not just go inside to get an order if they are unable to properly use a drive thru.
Again though, how hard is it to just take care of your customer even if it isn't the way you normally do it.
Ive worked in the service industry for a long time, and I was always taught two things.
One: The customer is always right.
Two: Do everything you can to please the customer as they are the ones who really pay you.

So like I said Im torn... I disagree with both parties here.

Abbie said...

Holy cow! I am appalled by these ridiculous comments. Obviously they are not familiar with the law, allow me to share with you what the ADA CLEARLY states. Feast yours eyes on this Mr. Anonymous and I have even included a link for your reading pleasure right here

Sec. 12182. Prohibition of discrimination by public accommodations

(a) General rule
No individual shall be discriminated against on the basis of disability in the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, of accommodations of any place of public accommodation by any person who owns, leases (or leases to), or operates a place of public accommodation.


(2) Specific prohibitions
(A) Discrimination
(ii) a failure to make reasonable modifications in policies, practices, or procedures, when such modifications are necessary to afford such goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations to individuals with disabilities, unless the entity can demonstrate that making such modifications would fundamentally alter the nature of such goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations;

What does that mean folks? It means that anyone that has a disability deserves the right to have a reasonable accommodation made to help serve them. A reasonable accommodation would have been taking the damn order at the window. It should have not been an issue after she stated that was hard of hearing. The manager apparently had ample amount of time while bickering with her to change his mind and boost profits for the business but he shut the window in her face! I could see if the manager felt that he was in a hostile environment if a car full of thugs rolled up to the drive through but a deaf woman with a 10 year old kid in the back seat? Give me a break.

This has everything to do with Karen rights and making sure that this does not happen to anyone else.

Remember, it just took one woman refusal to give up her bus seat to make a difference and but I suppose she was pms'ing back then too.

Jim said...

Regarding of one poster comment with this quote:
"because they have a special need that everyone else should bend over backwards to take care of them. I guess I just don't understand why someone would not just go inside to get an order if they are unable to properly use a drive thru."

Looks like I am going to recommend that ALL DRIVE THRUs but closed and that EVERYONE walks in and place an order. In America, the people have an attitude that not ALL are equal but rather, they must do whatever that "able" can do or else. Ummm... apparantly those who are not disabled do not have to live like disabled people so they think when they feel they are bending over backwards to "please the disable" is just an attitude by those who thinks disabled people should not be out in the world and should remain home if they can't do anything "like normal able people".

They are very insensitive to what disabled people are going through.

But again, they remain to be "ignorant" in this area. Like I said earlier, even though we have ADA laws that protects the disabilities. BUT those laws cannot and will not CHANGE their attitudes towards those who have disabilities. It just shows that they don't care and their hearts reveal of how they are.

Fellow americans can't treat with another with compassion anymore.

Cathy said...


Do me a favor and READ my post CAREFULLY! I never attacked Karen's actions. I was laughing at the people who were AGAINST Karen's actions.

Not once did I 'attack' her actions. I am all for what she has done and am rooting for her all the way.

By the way, I am as DEAF as DEAF can be so don't assume that I don't know what it is like to be DEAF!!!!!!!!!

Now--- who is being ignorant? Certainly not me.

deafk said...

To 7:50pm Anonymous,

Huh, yes, we, the customers, are always right...

Do you mean that we are to get off the car and walk into the restuarant ALL THE TIME? It is so low of you. I mean, this sounds like white people eat here, and blacks eat in the back...

thanks, deafk

Juanita said...

Wow, this is really turning into just another case of someone wanting special treatment because theyre differently-abled. IF he said it was a policy for the restaurant, well great, it was a policy for the restaurant.

I AM a woman, and know that I am HIGHLY IRRITABLE when I am PMS'ing, and I feel Karen should really think about things and she'll probably come to the conclusion that she added a little fuel to the argument (not that the manager was totally right or wrong).

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY - learn to take it, even if you're deaf, blind, or differently abled in any way.

Jim said...


Sorry, it appears that I did not understand you clearly. Forgive me. Perhaps I was ignorant in understanding what you were referring to. Its hard to see the expressions, see the attitude, hear (see) the tone, and body language online.

Kikilia said...


I look forward to the outcome of this. Though I don't go to S &S often (there's not one close to where I live)- I may not be going back- simply as a matter of principle.


Deb Bright said...

Atta Girl! I am very proud of you. Keep standing up for yourself and others. If the tables were turned and the speaker was out of order, do you suppose they would turn every customer at drive thru away? Not on your life. They would put out a sign to please pull ahead to place your order at the window. (Even though it is their policy to only take orders at the speaker.) It seems as if it is convenient for them then we will change our policy but not for a customer. Stand your ground. Good Luck & God Bless.

Anonymous said...

There are so many smug people who take all of their working parts and senses for granted. Anyone's life can change in an instant. When you are struck by some disability, will you then go out of your way to avoid inconveniencing the "normal" people who are forced to interact with you? Would you rather hide in shadow and silence instead of asking for simple measures that will help you feel included in the society of which you are a part?

deafcone said...


Give em hell. There's no reason for the treatment you got at the drivethru. It's just pisspoor professionalism on the managers part and if it were me meeting with the steak and shake reps I would demand he be fired. I deaf, and I spent 10 years helping run a family resturant and working at burger king and there is no reason for the way you were treated. And to the flamers who belittled Karens actions you obviously feel you are less deserved of equal treatment if you are deaf or hearing impaired and that's too bad, but to ridicule Karen for her actions is pathetic and you can stick your comments where the sun don't shine. The manager was totally out of line and should be fired for it.


Kate said...

I don't think you were rude at all Karen, but even if you were, who cares? I tend to be rude when some one violates my civil rights. And yes, people, it is a civil right. It is called equal access.

Also, Karen, I want to commend you on your thick skin. If this were me, my blog, people commenting about me, the comment would be turned OFF. Way to go and hang in there. It is never wrong to do the right thing... and you have done the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, there are one too many people on the internet who seem to get their kicks posting nasty things to other people anonymously.

It's a form of cowardice they mistake for power.

Ignore them. Anyone with half a brain gets that this wasn't something you were "planning" - because even if you had, there wasn't any guarantee that the blogoverse or the news would pick it up.

Don't worry about them. The rest of us get it.


Sprite said...

I'm so sorry anyone was insensitive enough & small minded enough to leave you ANY negative feedback! Your experience with Steak 'n Shake was bad enough! It should have been obvious to the employee, esp. someone at a manger level that extra assistance was needed. It's not like you committed a nation crime for goodness sake! It does show, though, how programed they are to following the steps they take via technology. (does anyone know how to count change any more? lol)

Good for you for speaking up!! The world needs to be more sensitive to the needs of disabilities and all! *sending extra hugs your way*

Ulf said...

Hey Karen!
See you have a lot of support here!
I also would like to applaud you for the way you handled the situation!
Way to go! And on behalf of all hard-of-hearing, near deafs and deafs in Norway I THANK YOU for being so brave!!!!

Anonymous said...

Give 'em hell, Karen!

Dan said...

The fact that there are maniacs deriding your character just means that you've done something totally righteous. Way to stand up for yourself, and for others who face similar discrimination due to their disabilities

Seamus Ruah said...

Hope you're logging comment IPs...that way you can deal with jerks by notifying their ISPs that a TOS violation has occurred.

Fun time!

Celeste said...

Someone asked why you did not sit at the speaker und let them know you are there. WHat BS. They knew a car had gone ny the window because there is a sensor that alerts them of a car. My hubby is not deaf and he has bypassed the speaker because he was not getting any response. I always bypass the speaker. Mickie D's has a sign at telling you to go to the window if you are hard of hearing.\ or need assistance with ordering.
Get em girl!

Penny L. Richards said...

"Doesn't he have the right to say NO you can't order at the window out of safety concerns?"

Nope. It's no more dangerous for someone to order from the window than for someone to pick up their order there.

The window is already there, and it's the simplest way for someone who can't use the squawk-box to order. No special equipment required, no extra personnel, no hours of training (or so you'd THINK). This isn't "something special," it's a WINDOW through which business is conducted all day long. Seems to me, all Karen was trying to do was conduct business in the most convenient way possible, for ALL involved.

Kris said...

Wow, Karen. I'm sorry that happened to you. What an incredibly rude guy. Good for you for standing up for your rights (and those of others).

Also, you won my little contest. :)

Send me your address, if you've got a minute in the midst of all this news coverage!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop past and say hello! I got here from Glenda's blog.

It's sad that people like "Anonymous" didn't have the guts to make comments with their real name. It's sad that there's people so small minded and suspicious like "Anonymous".

Good on you for speaking up. I'm glad to see how much support there is out there for you and for the accessibility movement!

Mimi said...

Wow! I can not imagine any "manager" who has the responsibility of serving customers behaving in such a way. My family and I run a bicycle business and we love taking care of our customers with special needs. We run to the office to get chairs for customers who are waiting for new tires to be installed on their wheelchairs. We offer mobile service at the retirement park. We gladly spend extra time with those who are deaf and even those who can not speak English. My friends own a restaurant that has stools downstairs along the counter and tables upstairs. When anyone comes in that can't manuver into a stool or climb steps, every available person is summoned to bring down table, chairs, table setting, etc. to accomdate that customer. It should be second nature. You should not even have to ask what the disability is. It is so rewarding to assist and serve someone who has a disability. Even if it is just a request for a simple milkshake. I feel sorry for that manager. He just does not know the satisfaction he is missing.