Friday, January 18, 2008

Dr. Robert Davila's New Book

Dr. Robert Davila's book, Moments of Truth: Robert R. Davila, the Story of a Deaf Leader,was recently released and it is on my pile of "books to read".

I first met Dr. Davila at the Chicago Hearing Society Volunteer Lunch in October, 2007. He is shown above with Jill Sahakian (CHS Director) and Mary Clark. Bob was the keynote speaker and he shared stories of growing up deaf in a large Hispanic family. His father passed away from a heart attack when he was a young boy. After he became deaf at the age of eight, his mother put him on a train to head up to the residential school over 600 miles away. Dr. Davila learned to speak Spanish at home and learned English and American Sign Language in school.

Aaron at Aaron Cues has a wonderful summary of Dr. Davila's recent speech at the Illinois Mom's Night Inn: A Chance Encounter with Dr. Robert Davila.

Dr. Davila impresses me with his resiliency and his strong work ethic. I look forward to reading his book: Moments of Truth: Robert R. Davila, the Story of a Deaf Leader. I'll be sharing it with my kids as well.


jcv said...

Karen, you're right. That work ethic thing. I'd love for my children to be as impressed by that as I am.... Dr. Davila is an amazing man--thanks for the heads up about his book.

Anonymous said...

Karen - Great to meet you too! Mom's Night Inn is such a fantastic idea.

Dr. Davila's book is on my list of books to read too! :)

BB said...

I can't wait to lay my hands on this book!

Sharon said...

This book is in my pile to read too:)