Monday, November 12, 2007

The Wonder Woman Award Goes To...

Anna, from Beth and Cory's Mom surprised me with a Wonder Woman award. Thank you, Anna! I sure wish it came with Wonder Woman's body, too!

I could have used Wonder Woman at my house last night. I was in bed watching HGTV when my youngest son came in the room and said, "Mom, I hear something like water splashing."

Uh oh.

I got out of bed and turned on the light in my bathroom. Water was on the floor everywhere and it was spilling over the counter of the double sink. I frantically grabbed towels that were hanging up and the youngest ran downstairs to get the hubby. I opened the vanity doors and there was an inch of water inside.

Uh oh.

It took a while to sop up the water. We used just about every towel in the house. There was a lot of it on the floor. Unfortunately, it dripped into the ceiling over the kitchen as well. It will take a few days to see if we will be able to salvage the drywall.

Apparently the hubby was washing his hands and noticed that I left a shirt in the sink so he went over to the other sink but forgot that he left the water running.

Uh oh.

But back to the Wonder Woman award. The very first blogger that came to my mind was Liz Strauss from Successful and Outstanding Bloggers. Liz has an incredible amount of energy and often posts thought provoking questions on her blogs. On Tuesday evenings, she hosts "Open Mic" night, an event where bloggers leave hundreds of comments on a themed post and the comments actually become an open conversation for several hours. Liz created the SOB Award for Successful and Outstanding Bloggers. If you have a few hours between meetings, you'll find some incredible blogs on this list to read.

So Liz, the Wonder Woman award goes to you!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations, WonderWoman! I agree...we need to get you some new superpowers...better hearing would be nice, wouldn't it? I've left the water running, too...thankfully, it was in an area where it drained faster than it ran, so it didn't overflow.
I do agree that the WonderWoman title was well deserved...kudos! :) (hugs)

ME Strauss said...

Wow! Karen, Yo are indeed a Wonder Woman. Me? I'm not so sure of . . . is there a "peddaling as fast as I can" award? Oh my!

Thank you so much for all of the Wonderful Wonder Woman (www) things you had to say. I'm exhausted just reading them. :)

Anna said...

Sorry to hear about the water fiasco! I hope the drywall isn't too bad.

I am off to check out Liz's blog now.

Karen said...

Hmm, "Peddling as Fast as I Can" award-- I guess a lot of us would qualify for that one! :)

groovyoldlady said...

You deserve the award, Karen.

Bummer about the flood. Stuff like that can just suck all the sleep outa nighttime!

Jacq said...

Hi Karen,
I think you had posted at one time about a study where disabled people ranked what disabilities they would rather have. Can you help me locate that? I need a reference for my thesis. My email address is feel free to email me with any questions about it. :)

Jacq said...

Hi Again, I found the reference. :)

ME Strauss said...

Hi Karen,
I just came back to add "Making typos at the speed of light" to that "Pedaling as Fast as I Can" award.

Oh my! Apologies. Perhaps I should look into getting a new bike . . . Congratulations again. YOU truly are the wonder in my book. :)