Thursday, November 08, 2007

Deaf Freedom Cruise--Grand Cayman

On Wednesday, October 31, we pulled into Grand Cayman on the other side of the island. Our original stop was supposed to be near the shopping center, but due to high winds and rough seas, we embarked on the other side.

The line to get off the ship went all the way up to the fifth floor of the ship. Rather than waiting in line, we jumped into the pool and did some more boogie boarding. I discovered a hammock in the solarium and took a much needed nap. In the afternoon, we decided to grab a boat ride to the island and do some swimming at the beach. The line going back to the boat was much quicker:

One of the fun games in the evening was the show "Accept or Accept Not" based on "Deal or No Deal." Each contestant competed for an upgrade to the owner's suite on the boat and various other prizes. In the photo below, Peter Artinian from Sound and Fury is shown trying to decide which case to open:

Every evening, the fifth (not fourth, as Fookem noted) floor of the Promanade deck was filled with people:

The two most popular spots on that floor were the coffee shop and the pizza restaurant. Both places offered sandwiches, coffee, cookies and pizzas at no cost. A few of my friends were able to stay up until four in the morning. I couldn't keep my eyes open past two a.m. on my best night!


Fookem said...

Correct me if I am wrong, Promanade deck is on fifth floor? because on the fourth floor is casino and picture gallery.

Drew Gutches said...

Fookem, Yes Promanade deck is on fifth floor, my cabin is on sixth deck


Karen said...

Whoops, I've forgotten already!

Fookem said...

That's alright.

We did not meet each other, how come? :(

Karen said...

Ah, I guess with 3,800 people, it was hard to meet! I know there were some friends that I saw on Monday and never saw them again on the ship!

Anonymous said...

how did you find out about the freedom cruise? I didn't see any ad. If I saw an ad, I'd go. You lucky!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Same with me and surpised I didnt have chance meet you Karen. I already met Drew, and Fookem family too.

Karen said...

I found out about this cruise through some friends. That is one of the reasons I blogged about it so that others could know. There are two more cruises coming up, one to Alaska and one to Hawaii.

Cruise Trip for the Deaf - Oct 2007 said...

Here is the link that you can sign up!