Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Deaf Freedom Cruise--The Flowrider and an Interesting Book

Every day, the line at the Flowrider grew longer and longer. Certain times of the day were set aside for surfing and the rest was for boogie boarding. My youngest son is shown above on the boogie board the first day.

While watching my kids take turns at boogie boarding, I spied a guy sitting on the bleachers reading a book about female "G spots!" So of course, I just had to have a conversation with this guy and find out why he chose such a book.

I sat down and inquired about the book and he wasn't shy about sharing the contents of what he was reading. His name was Dylan and he explained that he was reading the book in preparation for marriage. Dylan was on the cruise with his fiance, Jackie. The two of them are from Canada and will be getting married in June of 2008.

I wish him luck in finding the G spot!


Anonymous said...

Dylan iz good ppl. His intended is a lucky, lucky woman.

Barbie said...

Hey - That was interesting. Dylan was reading that book in open public. WOW....I wish him the best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Had to pick Anonymous as I don't have a google identity.

Dylan's my fiancee. Lol. I'm Jackie Martin from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is indeed shameless to read that book in public when I was a little shy about it. Lol. We're actually getting married June 20, 2009. We had just gotten engaged back in July. Was supposed to get proposed on the ship but his 6 year old son was too excited and forgot to keep it a secret. Hee hee.
Karen, I can email you pictures if you like.