Saturday, September 01, 2007

More about Me (As if you really want to know!)

Anna from Beth and Cory's Mom has tagged me for a "Three Questions" meme. I don't usually like to do memes, but since it's Labor Day Weekend, what the heck!

Three names you go by?

1. Mom
2. Mom!
3. Moooommmmmmmm!

Three parts of your heritage?

1. Cherokee Indian
2. French
3. German

Three things you can't stand?

1. Fish eggs
2. Brussel sprouts
3. Pouting

Three of your favorite shows?

1. Little People, Big World
2. Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
3. Blue Collar Comedy

Three of your favorite current songs?

1. Children of the Universe, The Higher We Fly, I Want to Live--John Denver
2. Live Like You were Dying-- McGraw
3. Seasons in the Sun--Terry Jacks

Three movies you watch over and over again?

1. Forrest Gump
2. Cast Away
3. Apollo 13 (And they all have my favorite actor in them!)

Three of your everyday essentials?

1. Chocolate
2. Chocolate
3. Did I mention chocolate?

Three things you want in a relationship?

1. Trust
2. Fun
3. Love

Three bad habits?

1. Eating way too much food each day.
2. Getting too little exercise.
3. Eating way too much chocolate.

Three of your favorite hobbies?

1. Reading
2. Taking nice, long, hot baths
3. Eating chocolate

Three places you want to go on vacation?

1. Hawaii
2. Australia
3. Austria

Three things you want to do before you die?

1. Visit the John Denver Sanctuary
2. Write a book
3. Learn serious photography

Three things that stereotypically prove you're a girl?

1. I like guys
2. I love chocolate
3. I gave birth

Initials of three crushes?

1. Ronnie Hensley
2. Ronnie Hensley
3. Ronnie Hensley (and yes, the hubby knows)


LaRonda said...

Hi Karen.

I'm also a John Denver Fan!

Pre-deaf years (up to age 17) John Denver was one of my music icons. He wrote and sang about things that mattered and his death caused much grief in me. I remember that day clearly. My husband held me in his arms as I wept.

My parents had never let us kids go to concerts when we were teens (in the 70's when pot and beer were heavy at most concerts) and I was heartbroken that I could not go see John Denver when he was in town. But about 8 years late, (after becoming Deaf), my husband bought us tickets to go see John Denver. I finally went to my first concert after becoming deaf. How ironic...

It didn't matter that I could not hear him. I got to see him and lip-read him through a pair of binoculars (!) all night! It was WONDERFUL! I remembered all the lyrics and all the songs from his best collections. I mouthed the words right along with him. By the end of the night, I was bleary-eyed, but my heart was full!

I never knew how the tunes went to his newer songs (any written after 1981 when I became deaf) like I Want to Live. I grieved this. I bought his music anthology one year just so I could follow the lyrics to these new songs, which were beautiful as always. I LOVE the lyrics and rhythm in I want to Live.

I would join you in the visit to his memorial. I've seen it on PBS, but would love to go one day myself. Where is it located? Colorado??

Nice to know there is another deaf JD Fan out there.

By the way, loved learning things about you! Fun! You're quite witty.

~ LaRonda

Nita said...

(laugh) I like your sense of humor! :)


Anna said...

I'm glad I caught you on Labor Day weekend, because I really enjoyed reading this!

Let me guess - you like Tom Hanks and chocolate?

Karen said...

The santuary is located somewhere near Apsen. Let's plan a trip together!

Sange said...

I thought I was the only person in her 30s who liked 'Seasons in the Sun'! Thank You!

Karen said...

30's??? Sange, dear, I'm in my early 40's. LOL

Juliet said...

I love learning more about you! And we LOVE John Denver, too. Paula is a third-generation John Denver fan, and we can often be found - brace yourself for cheesiness - singing and signing "You Fill Up My Senses" at the dinner table. Wait, did I just post that out loud?

Karen said...

Post it loud and post it proud, girl!

groovyoldlady said...

If you and I ever get together we'll definitely have to have chocolate...LOTS of chocolate!