Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mailboxes Galore!

Every once in a while I come across a website that I just have to pass on. In my inbox this morning, I found a website that sells over 1,500 mailboxes: Mailboxixchange.

We moved into a house with green shutters and a forest green mailbox three years ago. Last year, we painted the shutters a brownish wine color--and the green mailbox sticks out like a sore thumb. Eventually, I would like to replace the mailbox with something more elegant.

The prices on the mailboxes that I like range from $260 to over $400 but these are mailboxes that I haven't seen in local stores. One thing that's hard to find for older homes is mailboxes that attach to the home and this site offers several selections. I can remember my mom having to spray paint our old box because she couldn't find a replacement locally. Mailboxichange offers free shipping on many of their mailboxes. Unfortunately, I'll be stuck with the green one for a while, unless the hubby's lottery tickets pay off someday.

But at least I know where to shop to get this one!


Marti said...

Those are awesome mailboxes - thanks for sharing!

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day!

kw said...

I do not know if you will find this website below very funny. Sometimes I have a strange sense of humor. One night I laughed until I had tears rolling down my face. Only because my mailbox is horribly ugly and I couldn't imagine someone would be so fixated on mailboxes that she would actually drive around taking pictures of ugly ones and posting them on the net. Ours had suffered a series a baseball bat bashings and someone ignited fireworks in it five times one summer. Also-- we had teenagers back into in several times After fixing every weekend five weeks in a row, my husband simply gave up. By the end of the summer, we had the cheapest mailbox, its door dangling barely by one hinge and the hood was full of multiple dents. Around here I wouldn't dare spend $400 on a mailbox. Um-- we have a better one now though-- a newer $10 box from Home Depot. Utilitarian. I might plant flowers around the base, now that my youngest has moved out and there are no more threats of teenagers driving into it.