Sunday, March 04, 2007

Howie Seago Teaches Deaf People to Sing!

Howie Seago provided entertainment on Friday night at the Illinois Teachers for Deaf and Hard of Hearing conference. Howie Seago is a deaf actor who has done many plays, television shows (Star Trek, The Next Generation, Hunter and The Equalizer) and a movie, Beyond Silence.

During his comedy routine, Howie called up three deaf individuals to the stage: Chicago locals Gary Etkie and Terry Kourt, and Mark Bella from California. Howie announced that the skit was called "The Three Tenors" and he would be teaching them to sing a song titled, O Sole Mio. The three guys gave Howie an incredulous look; how were they going to convert their deaf voices into song?

So one by one they began to sing O Sole Mio, with Howie directing each word and wrapping their hands to keep them from signing. By the third round of singing, the audience was in stitches. June Prusak from Chicago Hearing Society was laughing so hard that Howie stopped the show momentarily so that she could regain her composure and view the rest of the show. The audience used a show of hands to judge the singing ability of each and Howie awarded them with a bottle of water for their efforts.

The next day, Jane Holtz and I did a presentation on "Hands & Voices, Supporting Families Without Bias" for the teachers. Despite being in the last time slot of the conference, we had a nice turnout.


Anonymous said...

Awww Karen it is great seeing your face again,,, miss ya kiddo

Steven Baier said...

I wish you posted a face of Howie Seago! I wanted to see what he looks like now. I was in a play with him in NTID's "An Italian Straw Hat" long ago. I hope the years have been kind to him.

Karen said...

I added some more pictures. :)

groovyoldlady said...

I've heard some people sing that me wish I was deaf!

gary said...

Howie taught us how to say "O Sole Meo" which
I did not use my voice while Howie did not
know that. His 2 interpreters were big mouth
that I did not use my voice. I surprised that
all hearing people wanted to hear my VOICE......
WoW! That is why Karen wants to post it.

Juliet said...

Hey, Paula's teacher Karen Boysen said she met you at the conference! More cool Karens ... what does it mean?

Deaf Chef Doogle said...

Before I became Deaf, I was a professional Opera Singer. Now, I still sing and sing beautifully. The only difference, really, is that I can't hear myself but because I read music, I don't need to. Yes, Deafies can sing.