Friday, June 08, 2007

The Debt Diet and Today's Prices

This morning, I sat down to watch Oprah's Debt Diet and catch up with the families that started the debt diet a year ago. The families made great strides in cutting into their debt and making some changes. Most of them reported that their marriages improved and they gained a sense of working together as a result of the Debt Diet. The advice from the money gurus (Jean Chatzky, author of Make Money, Not Excuses, David Bach, author of The Automatic Millionaire and Girl, Get Your Credit Straight!) all had the same advice: Stop spending, sell some of your stuff, increase your income, and pay off your debt.

Sounds so simple, doesn't it?

The hubby and I have made some changes here and there lately and cut back on our spending and gas use. We've been staying home more and the kids took their lunch to school more frequently instead of purchasing the school lunches.

Yet, this week, the Chicago Sun Times reported that food prices are on the rise and the cost of eggs has risen 81%.

So I guess that means we'll be eating less eggs this summer.


Mad goat lady said...

That's a terrible increase in price. We used to have hens and our own lovely fresh eggs but with all this bird flu scare I gave them away as I have Lupus and have a compromised immune system.

At that price I might have to think twice about getting some more hens!

Karen said...

My cousin has hens and she recently gave me a dozen eggs and I thought to myself, "Hey, I just saved two bucks!"

Jana B said...

Actually, that does NOT sound simple AT ALL... but if it did, i probably wouldn't be in debt, would I? lol

Karen said...

Yup, it sounds simple, but in reality, it's a lot harder to make it work!

Dana K said...

my hubby and I also try to stick to the debt really helped us to see where we were spending. mostly on things we didnt need!