Monday, October 02, 2006

Socialization and Deaf/hard of hearing kids

Last Friday, our school district participated in an Advocacy Day at a local high school. Deaf and hard of hearing students from several districts came together for a field trip to learn how to advocate for themselves and their communication needs. A football coach at a private high school shared his experience of being hard of hearing and handling communication issues in his daily life. In our district, my son was the only one to attend this event.

So this all has me wondering about deaf and hard of hearing adults today--did many of you have contact with other deaf and hard of hearing kids when you were younger? What do you wish your parents had done differently?

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BEG said...

I didn't have any at all. I wish I had but really back in the 70's that was not done especially if the child was even marginally successful at oral communication.

I don't hold it against anybody, that's what the people around me believed was best. But I think it's neat your kids get a chance to do so.