Monday, October 23, 2006

SIGNews--A Newspaper Worth Reading

I discovered SIGNews by accident one day after doing some heavy internet surfing. Browsing the site, I saw a link for a free issue and I promptly signed up for it. After receiving the first issue, I quickly sent in a check for a subscription and I've been enjoying it ever since.

SIGNews has a writing style that is similar to the Deaf Success magazine that ran a few years back but discontinued publishing after the first few issues. In every issue, you will find inspirational stories of deaf and hard of hearing persons in many different kinds of jobs. The current issue features nurses who are deaf.

SIGNews is a publication of CSD (Communication Service for the Deaf) based in South Dakota. While the focus is on those who use American Sign Language, I have found the newspaper to cover a wide variety of communication styles, including a recent article covering a conference for those who use Cued Speech.

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d_the_man said...

Hi, Karen,

Yes, I'm a writer as well as a contributing cartoonist for SIGNews. SIGNews is a great publication and word needs to be spreaded about it! It has many fine articles by many fine deaf & hoh writers. Also check out the comic strips by a group of talented deaf cartoonists!

Thank you for bringing this to attention on! While I am speaking for myself here, I am sure SIGNews and its staff appreciate your support.

Dan McClintock