Saturday, September 02, 2006

Labor Day Bash

We had a Labor Day Bash yesterday, with a handful of deaf and hard of hearing friends, food and lots of conversation.

That morning, the hubby and I were preparing the food. We had hot dogs, brats and a new kind of polish sausage that we've never tried before. I picked up the food from Bobaks, a store that has a reputation for good sausage. The hubby was being very helpful and he cut open the polish sausage from the package, put it in a pan and tossed it in the oven. We both commented on the interesting stripes that were on the outside of the sausage, but we didn't give it another thought.

One of the guys, John Maloney bit into the first sausage and instantly discovered that the sausage was wrapped in plastic.

Apparently the stripes were supposed to alert us to the fact that the plastic casing was supposed to come off before cooking.


Oh well. Sometimes you just gotta laugh.


Famous Quotations said...

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Your nomination will go out to the judges tomorrow.

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Kate said...

Thanks for visiting!

I'm glad that the plastic didn't have any permanent effects... though I'm kind of hoping you didn't eat it.

Way to practice safe sausage!