Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Baby!

Nine years ago, after fourteen hours of labor, my youngest son was born at home. Steven Michael weighed a hefty nine pounds and he had a full head of jet black hair. When he was two, his hair turned a beautiful blonde color. People would take one look at me, gaze over at Joe and wonder just where that blonde hair came from. He's very much his daddy's son and was blessed with legs that can tear up a soccer field.

Birthdays make me feel bittersweet, for each one that passes serves as a reminder that time is ticking away and all too soon, my children will someday be off on their own. I can't believe my "baby" is nine years old. I still feel like I'm 25, so the math doesn't add up.

Happy Birthday to my little sweetheart!

Check out one of Steven's favorites: Steven Michael, Get Off That Bed Right Now!


Brony said...

Happy Birthday to your son.

They sure do grow up fast.

Beth said...

Okay, it's time to have ANOTHER one!!!