Sunday, October 07, 2007

DeafNation and an Academic Bowl

I headed up to Harper College on Friday to watch my son David compete in the 15th Annual Academic Bowl. Five teams, including one from Wisconsin, spent the day answering questions and figuring out math problems. David's team won the bowl!

After the competition, I headed over to the gym to help and GoAmerica set up the booths for the DeafNation Expo. Every year, this expo draws a large crowd. We had a large team of "Champs" manning the booths this year. I really enjoy working for and I use the relay almost daily. The first time that I called my dad using Voice Carry Over, he thought I suddenly regained my hearing. He had no idea I was using relay and the interpreter on the screen in front of me kept up with his conversation so well that there was almost no delay. I no longer experience hang-ups when I order pizza!

The team: Champ, Steve Murbach, tests out the relay at the start of the Expo:


Anonymous said...

I totally heart!

groovyoldlady said...

An Academic Bowl: "A cereal or soup bowl that greets the nosher with fascinating facts and tantalizing truths once they complete their meal."

Hurray for David!!!